How to Fix Misalignment Issue in Epson printer?

A printer with misalignment issues will present problems when trying to print any document or photo. The misalignment issue may cause prints to be printed at a certain angle or may not print at all. If you are having this issue with your Epson printer than instantly resolve it using Epson Printer Customer Care Help Number Support, you should look for the following reasons:

  • Paper Jam in the machine
  • Print cartridges are clogged or have become dirty
  • Inappropriate installation of cartridges
  • Using low-grade cartridges

Moreover, the problem may also occur after your Epson printer completes a large and long print job. In order to fix the problem, you will need to look for Printers and Devices Alignment utility in Windows or Epson printer’s software or you will need to check the machine and cartridges of your Epson printer for a physical damage. Follow the guide below to fix the issue in your Epson Printer.

Steps to Fix Misalignment Issue in Epson Printer

In Windows

1.) Go to Device and Printers by selecting the Start menu.

2.) Right-Click on the Printer which you need to align. Once clicked, select Printing preferences from the pop-up menu.

3.) Now, click Service tab and select Align the Print Cartridges icon. Your Epson printer will automatically print an alignment test page.

4.) Next, follow the on-screen instructions from the Alignment Wizard to align the cartridges. For this, you will need to select the appropriate answers on the wizard that match up to the results printed on the test print. Click Finish when the Alignment Wizard completes.

In Printer Software

1.) Open the Printer’s software and select Maintenance, Tools or Utilities.

2.) Now, click Alignment, or Calibrate printer and click on Alignment or Calibrate button. You will get an Alignment or Calibration page printed.

3.) Next, follow the instructions of the Alignment or Calibration Wizard to complete the process.

For Physical Damages

  • Make sure there is no paper sheet or even a piece stuck in the printer. Get rid of any dirt or debris from the printer to prevent the misalignment problem in your Epson printer.
  • Check in case any cartridges are clogged or dirty. Consider replacing such cartridges with the new one. This is important because cartridges that are dirty or clogged can cause blotting and streaking which may lead to misalignment.
  • It is recommended to always use genuine Epson recommended cartridges for your Epson Printer. Using third-party cartridges may not fit properly in the slot and thus may lead to misalignment and other functional errors.

Following the above measures should fix the problem in most of the cases.

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