Steps to insert a graphic in an Outlook signature

Images convey message faster than a written content in a quick manner. And help in sending a strong promotional or professional message to the sender. Therefore it includes contact details, phone number, the name of the company, etc.

 Email signatures are the best way to promote your corporate identity to the sender. The signature can include a general info about yourself or a graphic in an email.

 Generally, people don’t know how to create or edit the signatures in Outlook because they are new to Outlook or don’t know the procedure of the same. This is quite unfortunate as the signature is a useful feature that can be used for numerous scenarios. Before going into detail, let’s discuss the simple procedure to Insert a graphic in an Outlook signature using Outlook Helpline Number.

Include a graphic in your Outlook signature via these steps:

  • Open your Outlook account and in e-mail view, select Mail Message from the New button or enter [Ctrl]+N for opening a blank mail window.
  • You need to enter your signature's text. Make sure that a signature should only contain a line or two.
  • Simply position the cursor where you wish to insert a graphic.
  • Now you have to choose Picture directly from the Insert menu, locate and choose the file, and then enter Insert.
  • And in Outlook, you need to enter click the Insert tab and then select the apt command directly from the Illustrations group. You need to keep in mind that the file should one of the following formats: JPEG, GIF, or PNG.
  • You need to press [Ctrl]+A for selecting the complete signature and the graphic.
  • Just press [Ctrl]+C for copying the signature to the Clipboard.
  • Opt for choices from the Tools menu.
  • You need to hit the Mail Format tab.
  • Enter Signatures in the Signatures segment.
  • Now you need to enter New.
  • You have to name the signature and then enter Next.
  • Enter inside the Edit Signature control and you need to press [Ctrl]+V for pasting the signature from your Clipboard.
  • Enter OK two times. And on the Mail Format tab, select the signature for the New Messages drop-down list in the Signatures sector.
  • Lastly click OK.

These easy Steps will guide to you to sign in Outlook Mail account and also for inserting a graphic in an Outlook signature.